A Full List of Links

Please see below all the essential links for my fav go to Berlin Hotspots, as mentioned, in chronological order from the post “A Lick of Berlin”

1) Hostel – Heart of Gold , Berlin (https://www.heartofgold-hostel.de/) = ask for a 4 bed dorm.

2) Fab Market – Kreuzberg Turkish Market (Location; Maybachufer, 12047 Berlin)

3) Visit the Helmut Newton collection at Photography Museum (https://www.museumsportal-berlin.de/en/museums/museum-fur-fotografie-helmut-newton-stiftung/) . It’s raunchy but revolutionary.

3b) Piece of Art in article is by Katya Wiedemann – location/ mini shops opposite hostel.

4) 2 Piece club; One called Beirut (House/rnb/my fav), in the building opposite Fluff (techno/house) If you have a stamp from one you can get into both. This club is not for the light hearted, it was amazing musically and energy wise but if you’re expecting ritz/tiger tiger/revs this isn’t your scene. (Location: Party District; Neukölln, closest stop; Sonnenallee – Street; Ziegrastraße 11 / google; Raum 18 – its behind it. )

5) For your hipster cola thirsts ; Fritz-Kola Bros (https://www.fritz-kola.de/en/ )- Insta; @fritzkola

6) If you interested in some of the history , I would highly recommend the East Side Gallery, and The Jewish Memorial, these two struck a chord with me, potentially because they not only represent how horrifying the past was, but also how modern society has tried to embrace, rebuild, reflect and create something heartfelt in it’s place. East Side Gallery is located 2/3 stops from Alex/Platz at Warschaucer.

7) Black & white photos are by Helmut Newton the collection as per mentioned in part 3.

8) Of the 3/ Vietnamese Restaurants I visited, this was the best quality. Cat Tuong Berlin – Insta @cat_tuong_berlin / Website: https://www.cat-tuong.de/?lang=en

9) 9)Vöner – this place is so humble and quiet but the food is insane. They have vegan doner kebabs and currywurst – the national dish. A must do. – insta:  @voener_berlin

10) “VeganZ” is a super market for all things Vegan – obviously. So much cheese and fake meats, people were crying with happiness in there. Located opposite Warschaucer station near the East Side Gallery.

11) Brammibal’s – where do I start – just go!! @brammibalsdonuts // Website http://www.brammibalsdonuts.com/

12) Poke bowl – fresh salads and acai bowls at Ma’Loa Hawaiian Poke Bowl insta @maloapoke  // http://www.maloa.com

13) a boojeeyy cafe ; Funk You, near Alexander Platz @funkyounaturalfood website: http://www.funkyounaturalfood.com

14) Monkey bar – saweett bar on top of the 25hr hotel, over looking the zoo and shopping centre. Great sky line view seating and array of cocktails. you want fancy, you get fancy. Check location on insta; Neni Berlin/ Monkey Bar, should be located next to the zoo.

15) This is not a shitty tourist club but it is filled with tourists which actually made it really fun, apparently on some nights of the week they have 7 rooms open. The music was epic. This night was epic. This is Matrix, check the facebook page for events. https://www.facebook.com/matrixberlin/

16) Factory girl is a must visit if you like well prepared food, they have all options, including Vegetarian & vegan. But the best has to be their coffees… hello Mocha with Orange chocolate pot. follow @factorygirlcafe . it’s a win.