What’s in my makeup bag?!

Hey boo, today a friend of mine suggested I shared some of my skincare routine & makeup go-to’s and whilst I would never normally put myself into the beauty-sphere niche of bloggers, I do take pride in looking after my health, skin, and getting products that last, and that are of a good quality, whilst understanding which products to splash the cash on, and when to get the dupe/cheap option!

My day to day look is usually a natural & dewy, with a layered mascara, a light liner, and sometimes colour on the lips, or eyes. However, there are some favs makeup must haves that honestly it would be so difficult to convert me off because they just WERK. Every season, no matter the weather, and I very very rarely have breakouts, if any, due to the products I use.

Most of the base products are also lighter coverage, so I will say if you’re looking for a more glam vibe, I am not the pro for that. hehe. However I am able to put my face on in like 10 mins and look like it’s taken me an hour, just because of how useful these products are, and how often I use this easy set up.

I will also share my clean up procedure, because honestly what’s the use in a well rounded face of makeup if it’s a pain to take off? AND honey how can you rock a dewy look if you haven’t taken care of your skin the night before?! Plus my fav cleanser is honestly a killer.

Alright let’s get INTO IT.

All products in the article are also listed on my Amazon Wish Lists under “What’s in my makeup bag?”, which you can check out here; Amazon Lists

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BASE – baby!!! Don’t skip this part!!!!! Skipping SPF is the quickest way is age your skin. Even if it’s 13 degrees outside, the sun is still shining, there’s a hole in the ozone layer and that UV be hitting you extra hard. LMAO. Seriously don’t skip this step.

I personally enjoy a tinted SPF cream, or a tinted sun cream.

Bare Minerals – Complexion Rescue Defense – Radient Tint SPF 30. – This is a pricey option. Check it out here; Bare Minerals

I also switch it up between this, and Vichy SPF 50 Anti Dark Spot 3-in-1, when I want a warmer base. Available here: Vichy UK

Foundation – I have been going with this foundation a few years now, and honestly she saves my life everyday.

I’m a very on-the-go gal, and this stick saves all the mess of a liquid foundation, and without the itchy or chalky look of a powder foundation. Applying this on top of the SPF, gives me a dewy, younger look, and not only does it go on easy-peasy, I don’t need to use a lot as it spreads well, and layers well with powders on top of it. I’ve used this for shows, in the gym, and the days when I need a quick touch up.

Bare Minerals – Complexion Rescue – Hydrating Foundation Stick – I use shade buttercream. (Looks sold out at the moment; BM Stick)

Concealer- As my skin is fairly thin, I’m often prone to dark circles, under bags or as I tenderly call them, my suitcases, and concealer is now firmly planted in my makeup routine.

I also use this concealer as a highlight for my T-zone, in the creases of my nose in winter, and side of my eyes for a small lift. The texture is so creamy and hydrating, blends nicely and is so affordable!! This is the Rimmel Vegan one, but I started off with the Rimmel original which is also a steal. Also this seems to last for ages!

Rimmel LDN – Hydrating Concealer – Kind & Free – I use shade 020 Light. (Vegan & Cruelty Free) £4-£6 Available here; [Rimmel £4.95]

Bronzer – I have never, and probably will never, splash the cash on a matte bronzer. Every single drug store bronzer I’ve ever used has perfectly done the trick of either contouring, or giving me a sun kissed tone.

Before this I had a revolution one, and this current bronzer I picked up for 5euros! It has lasted a long time, and gives a matted shape. I think as long as you pick a tone which suits your skin underbase (cold/warm) you don’t need to spend £20 on a bronzer – I’m more yellow skinned so I go for a warm toned shade.

MUA – Makeup Academy – Sunkissed Bronze – (.Also Vegan & Cruelty Free) £4.50 ; MUA Powder

Blush – This is actually a new member of my makeup family, as of November, I saw a lot more use of blush online over the last months and became curious, maybe I had bad experiences with blush in the 00’s and stayed clear ever since haha.

Blushes have really come a long way, and the days where I add just a small dash of blush, I look just that much more alive and youthful! I don’t use it everyday, but especially when I’m looking tired or flat it really picks me up, and gives me a flushed glow.

Korres – Wild Rose – Brightening Vibrant Colour Blush – I use it in shade Golden Pink, which is a warm pink tone. I bought it on Black Friday for 9 euros. Available here; Korres – Golden Pink

Mascara – Ahhh the argument of mascaras, I still have not found my mascara wifey for lifey. For a good long time I used Benefits “Roller Lash”, then the “They’re Real” which honestly I believe those to be some of the best mascaras on the market. I’ve also sampled Estee Lauder which is fab, Origins own, and a couple of drug store bought ones, and I have to say;

I have come to the decision you have to spend money to get a decent mascara that doesn’t crumble, stick, clump, and lasts. I will die on that hill. Currently I’m using Nars – Climax Mascara which has rave reviews, Available here; Climax mascara and a softer brush which is kinder on your eyelids, which I enjoyed using, it spreads well & layers without clumps, the only down side was I wasn’t really impressed by it’s life line.

Benefit – Roller Lash – Available here; Roller Lash

Gloss – Before you crusify me on my choices, HEAR ME OUT.

I don’t think I’ve ever watched a full episode of KUWTK. Legit. So you know this is genuine. But this gloss is a game changer!!

I always thought the lip kits were bought by hysterical fan girls. I thought they seemed overpriced and was confused why they were selling out, I will put my hands up and go as far as to say I turned my nose up at them subconsciously.

However when I ended up working as an Event Manager for a brand fest and got to sample and be gifted products from their stall and staff I was SHOCKED when I got home. I even gave some of my samples away on my way home because I was sure they were going to be rubbish!! (huge mistake!!). They’re amazing. Day to day when I’m lazy I opt for the High Gloss, but also their lip kits genuinely bang when I want to glam up or am feelin’ fancy. THE LINERS…. best I’ve ever used. Periodt.

Kylie Cosmetics – High Gloss – I use Klear 317 regulary. The matte lip kits I have are Kylie 808, & Sweater Weather 704. Here; Klear 317

These are my go-tos on a day to day basis, the dewy makeup look. They’re very easy to apply, mix well with other products, keep your skin hydrated throughout the day, and really give a healthy glow. If you’d like to see a video of me doing this makeup look, you can follow me on Instagram/ Tiktok or check out the video here; Dewy Makeup Look Tutorial

Please feel free to drop me a message if you’d like to know anything extra about that set up! There’s a tiktok video of myself doing this routine so you can see exactly how I get ready for the day, which is linked here; Dewy Look Tiktok & some of the named products I’ve put into a list on my amazon account for easy access; ChaCha’s Amazon List

Let me know in the comments if you use any of these products or have found a keep safe for your makeup family! Do share! I’m also planning on adding an eyelash curler, and brow gel into my bag soon; so when I’ve found one I love I’ll share it here with you too!

In the meantime I’m going to start writing up my skincare routine so I can share with you how I keep my skin feeling fresh, looking nourished, and clear. So keep an eye out for that post coming in the next days!

“May your skin be glowing,
and your coffee be strong”

– Coco Chanel

That’s all for now, what’s in your makeup bag that you cannot live without?

I’d love to hear from you! Share it with me on insta/ twitter, and if you enjoyed this article or any of the articles on my blog please feel fre to share, there’s a very easy share to facebook button!

All love, Char xox

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