Interviews with the BBC

Two weeks into Lockdown. I was desperate to maintain my gym gains; and as some of you may have seen I started teaching fun live classes (especially for leg day)using house hold equipment in an attempt to replicate gym workouts, and it caught the attention of one radio station who asked me to sit down and have a chat about what I’d been up to.

This first interview was all about the fun of just creating equipment, suggestions for people and to just change your mindset around the idea that although we cannot control the situation we can still strive to motivate ourselves to get up, get creative and stay active!


p068vd97 (1)

An interview with me on working out @ Home without gym equipment/ machinery – What household items you may be able to use instead to stay track and motivated during Lockdown.



This second piece I was requested to speak on, is about meditation; the stretch & recover classs I was running in order to keep people peaceful, rested and self nurtured. I talk about how the importance of stretching, often overlooked, which can completely change your physical wellbeing and performance dynamic for the better.

On the fundamental importance of recovery – I hope you enjoy !


p068vd97 (1)

An Interview with me on Working out @ Home & the importance of recovery time, both physically and mentally; through the application of stretching techniques & yin yoga for wellbeing, emotional self care, compassion and for future better physical performance.


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