Welcome Darling

Hello brave one and bienvenue to my bloggy blog. Here you will find a mess of ventures, scriptures, swear-by’s and culture commentary by yours truly.

My writing journey although technically started circa 2007 in the form of countless diaries and notebooks, I present you an official gathering of contemplations; about my life, adventures and suggestions in the form of bebravedarling.com . Which arrived in Jan 2019.

Whilst my written mumblings and thought processes may be sporadic; I hope you find them either funny, enlightening, or down right comforting. I implore you to always take steps into the unknown, reflect on experience and knowledge with an open mind, and allow yourself to be taken on a journey. One never knows what may lie there.

To the left hand side you will find a translator if necessary and a link to my facebook page “The Book Of ChaCha” to keep you up to date. You can also find my instagram also @thebookofchacha

With kindness and warmth always, be brave darling, bon courage.

Charlotte (always known as ChaCha)